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PredictionProbe has developed Probabilistic Six Sigma®, an innovative approach, for providing objective lean solutions that ensure customer satisfaction. Probabilistic Six Sigma® uses Probabilistic Technology to intelligently plan and drive various phases of Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma Processes, including: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control Phases. Probabilistic Six Sigma® enables your Six Sigma Teams to systematically minimize subjectivity and to:

  • Define Realistically by identifying and characterizing various process uncertainties and variations, including: inherent uncertainties, lack of data, modeling imperfection, human error, measurement errors, etc.;
  • Measure Optimally by collecting only the data that has an impact on the process;
  • Analyze Objectively by considering uncertainties and eliminating subjectivity when determining root causes;
  • Improve Intelligently by concentrating on the key variables of the dominant root causes; and
  • Control Effectively by managing the key variables that influence the process.

Probabilistic Technology

Probabilistic Technology drives the Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma Processes and provides the necessary metrics that enables these processes to soar to new levels of excellence by systematically and objectively:

  • Optimizing resource allocations;
  • Optimizing DOE;
  • Minimizing costs of data collection;
  • Optimizing improvement, control, and monitoring plans;
  • Identifying waste effectively;
  • Providing for risk-based value stream mapping;
  • Creating value stream map dynamically; and
  • Evaluating the value and contribution of each activity.

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