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Tough Times

Times are tough and as such businesses are being challenged to become learner, more adaptive and efficient than ever before. Survival in this shrinking economy is challenging, but with the support of PredictionProbe, you will have the necessary tools to objectively and systematically:

  • Design robust business processes to prevent problems and to maximize your bottom-line; and
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by enhancing your current Six Sigma Processes to provide improved lean, agile and balanced solutions.

PredictionProbe has developed Probabilistic Design for Any SigmaTM, an innovative approach, for designing new or redesigning existing processes including: Strategic, Product Development, Operational, and Transactional Processes. Probabilistic Design for Any SigmaTM provides the necessary tools for the design of integrated systems of Phases & Gates or Tasks & Milestones that enables your process teams to systematically, objectively and proactively identify and prevent potential problems and vulnerabilities prior to any adverse impact on the milestones.

PredictionProbe has created a robust design process which identifies and eliminates potential errors and uncertainties before they can become problems down-stream by integrating Probabilistic Technology, Axiomatic and Robust Design, the DMADV Process, Lean Thinking, and Agile Approach.

Probabilistic Technology

Probabilistic Design for Any SigmaTM is systematically and objectively driven by Probabilistic Technology, which provides the foundation for incorporating the uncertainties, calculating probabilities, and identifying the key metrics. Probabilistic Design for Any SigmaTM allows for:

  • Design of processes for any predefined level of Sigma;
  • Accounting of process uncertainties systematically, objectively, and practically;
  • Agility while maintaining a lean process;
  • Elimination of wasteful process bureaucracy due to poor evaluation and identification of uncertainty;
  • Preventive risk management and decision-making;
  • Flexibility, adaptability and agility in dynamic business process environments;
  • Predictability and cycle time reduction; and
  • Development of effective measurement, continuous improvement and control plans.

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