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The Probabilistic Integration Software Solution

SPISE TM, Seamless Probabilistic Integration Software Engine, is a platform for integration and execution of various determinisitic, probabilistic, and statistical software tools.

SPISE TM offers a customizable infrastructure for performing end-to-end multi-disciplinary analyses through the integration of various Modeling and Simulation (M&S) and analytical software tools. It uses a modular architecture to provide an agile platform for integrating the unlimited number of software tools in today's market.

The ability to integrate multiple tools inside a single software is SPISE’s most dominating feature. SPISE TM is, in essence, the assembly of various technologies into one resourceful machine. SPISE’s platform can contain powerful and well-known mathematical tools such as MATLAB, Mathematica, and PredictionProbe’s own award-winning probabilistic tools. Integration is further enhanced through programming tools such as the C# Code Module and Scripting Module, in addition to various reporting and management tools such as MS Excel, MS Project, and TeeChart Graphing Module. Communication and networking are necessary for big or small projects, simple or complex systems. Remote Execution, Database integration, and processing flexibility are some of the key features of SPISE TM. By bringing together all the capabilities of each of these tools, SPISE TM has not only made simple the execution of highly complex systems, but also set out to accomplish tasks that none of these software could perform on their own.

SPISE TM offers its users a comprehensive and user-friendly workflow environment in which they may build their integrative system. Using SPISE's drag-and-drop capability, the users are equipped with various applications and tools. These elements are then combined into single or multiple workflows which, together, integrate numerous deterministic, probabilistic, and statistical software tools into a powerful multi-disciplinary system.

SPISE Example

SPISE TM brings together all available resources from around the world to one location, allowing companies to remain competitive while cost-effective. Complex remote execution modules allow project synchronization across the web. These modules allow for parallel execution of systems from the same or mutiple locations. Users from different computers can share their workflows as well as applications using simple, user-friendly tools within the program. Organization, team work, and project analysis is the major goal.



SPISE consists of several Workflow-encompassing modules, which contain external or internal constructs that perform complex analyses. Each Workflow, therefore, acts as a system of systems, where one application can perform calculations on the results of another and data can be passed along multiple structural levels. Various studies can be performed on each system, including advanced probabilistic analysis (i.e. probability, inverse probability, optimization, robust design, and PDF/CDF). Workflows can be executed on multiple computers in parallel or serialized mode. A bridge between SPISE and other software, such as MATLAB, Mathematica, and MS Excel and MS Project allows for further system integration

SPISE's reporting capabilities arise from its ability to simplify complex data into a fully comprehensible set of output values and tables. Organization within intricate systems allows for efficient processing and professional reporting. SPISE brings all this together using familiar software such as Microsoft Excel and through powerful reporting tools within the Workflow environment itself. Reporting Modules within SPISE can display data, graphs, and images. All such information can be extracted and inserted into the reporting software of choice. SPISE is distributed with various reporting templates, customized to efficiently and professionally store data from its various analysis modules.

SPISE Reporting


SPISE Library


Team work and project management are made simple through SPISE’s powerful Library tool. Users can share custom Modules, entire Workflows and projects through an intricate networking system within SPISE.
To eliminate redundancy, Libraries and sub-Libraries allow for convenient and effective organization and storage of data and designs. Communication between team members, accessibility to team project designs, and efficiency are highly enhanced through SPISE's user-friendly interface and networking system. Security is guaranteed and each member’s work is protected through SPISE’s various security features.


SPISE provides a dynamic environment through its multiple programming tools as well as its ability to allow custom-built modules and integrative structures. Users can create custom programming modules using languages such as C#, python, and more. Workflows can communicate with external software using SPISE's powerful commandline tool, and logic-based systems can perform flawlessly through the application's ability to perform serialized as well as parallel processing. Integrate MATLAB into your Workflow either through the MATLAB Module or through internal code within the C# Code Module. Are you more familiar with Mathematica? SPISE provides integration with Mathematica too!


SPISE Dynamic System


PredictionProbe Inc. has worked to achieve the most sophisticated integration technology. SPISE TM will bring all the reliability and familiarity of deterministic tools (such as ANSYS and TAOS) and integrate them with technological advances in probabilistic software. Our team of experts is capable of providing additional integration of any other software tool.


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