Prediction Probe


Improve the way you do business with our World Class Products

Many business decisions are difficult and take a lot of time, analysis and mental anguish. But the decision of whether or not to add our state-of-the-art world class predictive analysis tools to your business is child's play. Our unsurpassed tool set will allow your business to soar to new levels by empowering your decision making process, ensuring the right decision every time.


The Revolutionary Software Engine for Predictive Analysis

UNIPASS® has earned the esteem of the United States Army as the "Best In Class." Join the ranks of the elite to see how this powerful predictive engine can bring new levels of critical uncertainty analysis and uncertainty based-design to your business.

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Find the Distribution that Best Fits Your Data

Probabilistic analysis begins by constructing probability distribution models that describe the process input variables and uncertainties. Delivered to the desktop through a familiar Windows-based interface, DistributionProbeTM identifies the best probability distribution model for such variables and uncertainties using available data.

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Bring Your Data to Life with Empirical Process Modeling

A vital step in performing uncertainty analysis or uncertainty-based product design using Probabilistic Technology is to construct process models which accurately and efficiently describe and demonstrate your process. ModelProbeTM  allows you to accurately and efficiently estimate unobservable model parameters based upon a measured data set of the observable model variables.

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Seamless Probabilistic Integration Software Engine

SPISETM  is a powerful, Windows-based, software system which seamlessly integrates a variety of modeling and simulation ("M&S") and analytical software tools, including all of our probabilistic tools. Life just got a lot easier.

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 Custom Application

Applying Probabilistic Technology To Your Unique Needs

Let us design our tools around your systems architecture. Our Custom Application Software is designed around our world class probabilistic software products and your company's unique software tools, products, and specifications to add the untold benefits of probabilistic analysis to any problem, process, event, or decision.

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